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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Page ImageCollingswood’s Favorite Dentist: Maximizing Your Dental Insurance Benefits

Our highest goal is to promote lifelong dental health and wellness for every one of our patients. Helping patients understand and fully utilize their dental insurance plans is an important step toward that goal.

Our team is very experienced with dental insurance plans and companies, and we are happy to share what we know with our patients. Our team:


  • Evaluates coverage.
  • Helps determine which benefits are covered under your plan.
  • Electronically submits insurance claims for services provided.
  • Helps patients communicate with their plan’s benefits advisors.
  • Helps patients receive maximum benefits under their plans.

Because our patients’ lifelong dental health and wellness is our highest goal, we make treatment recommendations based on what we believe is best for your oral health rather than on what your insurance policy covers. We ensure that all patients understand the out-of-pocket costs and co-pay amounts – those fees not covered by insurance plans – prior to treatment.

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